We at Hometown Social Club LOVE music.  Passionately.  We would like to share our LOVE!

We’ve threw some parties. We’ve danced. We’ve made some new friends. We’re gonna do it some more. We would love you come…

Check our features list!  (If there’s nothing there now there will be soon)

This is our first attempt at publishing a blog so we reserve the right to learn as we go along.  Please be patient.

Meantime you can check our previous events to see what we’ve been up to – Feedback is welcome, introduce yourself and let us know what you think .  Get our RSS feed hooked up for all sorts!

Here is HSC Resident Paul Murphy sharing the LOVE

Paul Murphy HSC Mix

1) Even Drones – II
2) Matthew Wieck – Spacestation 9 (Juniper Remix)
3) Smallpeople – In The Jungle
4) Julius Steinhoff – Slow Movement
5) Juniper – Quiet Moon
6) Flori – SU-3150
7) RVDS & Rau – Umbe Data
8) Adryiano – Toujours
9) Samaan – Deep Down Underground
10) Brawther – GSM’s Life (MLIU Mix)
11) 95 North – Let Yourself Go (Original Mix)
12) Brawther – Spaceman Funk (O.G. Mix)
13) Rhythm Operator – Anytime


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