Mix Of The Week // DJ Richard //


DJ Richard

I have tried to go for something a bit different for my selection for Mix of the Week. Unlike past selections, I haven’t seen the DJ perform and he has only been known to me for six months or so. The only memory I have is sitting at my desk thinking ‘this is pretty fucking sweet’.

DJ Richard is the co-founder, with Young Male, of a label called White Material which is now 4 releases old.  In an interview with Juno Plus, Young Male described the label:

‘White Material is a name for this crew of friends making music and for the label. We’ve all known each other for a long time and at a certain point we were like “this is us, this is music that we believe in, it’s time to do something about it”. Once the idea was hatched it was going to happen no matter what. I was saving every dollar, working full time, I didn’t give a fuck if it bankrupted me, all that mattered was that this music got released.’

DJ Richard does a fortnightly radio show for Berlin Community Radio. My selection is his second show which I think is pretty great.

Thanks a bunch.



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