Mix Of The Week // Peverelist //

Excuse the long winded spiel but it’s not every day you get asked to tell people what music your into and write about it. Unless you do it yourself and well I’m a lazy twat and need people like HSC to tell me to get the finger out…

There’s been many a mix that has graced my earphones in recent weeks that have aided those laborious and tortuous commutes to work and more. Linkwood’s mix for the Little White Ear Buds site is a belter for one.  A beautiful journey through deep, soulful electronics that makes me green with envy at the lucky folks who heard his Saturday night Safari slot in the idyllic setting of an Ayrshire castle, with Lindsay Todd a few months back. Also, anyone who has Drexciya in their mix gets major Paul McCartney style double thumbs up for me.

Honorable mentions also have to go out to the L.I.E.S. soundcloud page that has so many great mixes (and if your reading this you’ll hopefully know how good a label L.I.E.S. are right?).   Also, the Trushmix page, which belongs to the inimitable DJ Sottofett.  One mix in particular is a 4 hour dub reggae bonanza by Finn Johansson that always gets some skankin in the kitchen. Righteous!  Also, a more dancefloor orientated affair from Telephones is a stand out. This starts off with some real percussive head nodding, jacking material and then gets rather hands in the air, piano, non cheesy house-esque. From start to finish it is exquisitely blended and has some proper moments that make you pull the kind of face you would make when sucking a lemon or eating a skittle sour. You know the one I mean? The kinda face you make when the dj plays a belter that your totally lost in and blown away by?  Anyway enough yacking about other mixes. Don’t take my word for it, go check em if you can be bothered. I reckon they are brilliant.

Now for my actual choice for my comrades here at HSC – Peverelist


Peverelist’s mix from Inverted Audio

This guy knows his onions! In other words; the lad has a fine ear for a tune. There’s something about this mix that keeps me coming back to it.  It’s not the best in the world and there’s a couple of rusty areas but the track selection is spot on. From the sparse, dubby rhythm and sound-esque beginnings of Dynamo Dreesden to the gothic keyed techno of the mighty Gesloten Cirkel on remix duties, it’s the perfect mix to get lost in. He manages to squeeze in some bonafide classics too with a bit of Levon Vincent’s Double Jointed Sex Freak and one of my all time favourite techno tracks, Maurizio’s M4. (Irrelevant side note: try watching strictly come dancing with the sound down to M4. I guarantee an infinitely more enjoyable experience. I tried it a few years ago and never looked back, the dancing is right in sync too, trust me). It can never be underestimated how comforting it feels to hear that track in a mix. It is like taking those shoes and socks off and putting on a pair of slippers after a hard day on your feet. Pev even manages to end proceedings with another oldie but goldie; Crushed by one of my favourite producers, the enigmatic Actress.

I’m not a fan of that boring, noodly nonsense genre that is minimal (Richie haircut Hawtin should have a word wi himself and his barber). But this is a 1 hour journey into how I feel minimal house and techno should be played. Peverelist has that ear for sound that makes him such a well respected figure in bass music. Livity Sound for yer iPod. Get intae it and right roon aboot it!

Paul McCardie

1. Dynamo Dreesden ‘Tape 3′ [Acido]

2. Milton Bradley ‘Voices Of The Unknown’ [Do Not Resist The Beat]

3. Pev & Kowton ‘Junked’ [Hessle Audio]

4. Conforce ’24′ (Gesloten Cirkel Remix) [Clone]

5. Terrence Dixon ‘Horizon’ [Tresor]

6. Levon Vincent ‘Double Jointed Sex Freak’ [Novel Sound]

7. Iamthatiam ‘Time 4 Harmony In This World’ [Mathematics]

8. Matrix ‘Isolated Dot’ [Chain Reaction]

9. Gez Varley ‘Bayou Paradise’ [Force Inc]

10. Even Tuell ‘Untitled’ [Workshop]

11. Maurizio ‘M4′ [Maurizio]

12. Jay Ahern & Morgan Packard ‘Mesa_Sequences’ [Modular Cowboy]

13. Actress ‘Crushed’ [Prime Numbers]


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