Mix of the Week // Mr Mafro

Mr Mafro – Smile and Shine! Dentalism Vol 1.

ClaMafrosh Man Mafro is up next for my mix of the week – aka Matthew Bennett, Head of Digital Content at Clash Magazine and also the dude responsible (along with the Kink Dogg) for running one of my favourite nights in Glasgow EVER! – Kinky Afro

Only Mafro would ever hit us with tracklistings such as this.  Not only will he hit you with a belter you have never heard off, on recent mixes he has been mixing together tunes like Actress (Maze ) with Neil Young (Old man) moving into Model 500 (OFI) – Tells you the kind of journey or ‘trip’ you can end up on listening to his mixes – More of Mafros Mixtapes are available for all to hear below  –  Fill yer boots!

Since Kinky Afro finished in 2009, Mr Mafro has moved from the sunnier climates of Scotland for London town where he has continued working with Clash and still promotes exciting nights such as The Lonley Hertz Club and most recently East not East.  If your down that way, check them nights out!!

As soon as he is playing at HSC we will be sure to you know!




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