Mix Of The Week // DJ TLR //


My choice for Mix of the Week is this sweet selection from DJ TLR, head honcho of the brilliant Crème Organization. This Dutch label has been releasing some serious quality music since 2001 and were responsible for putting out some of my favourite releases this year. DJ TLR is main the main curator and has an awesome taste in music, as I think this mix shows. This little description from the FACT site sums it up perfectly;

“the Dutchman’s mix – subtitled ‘Zombies Ate My Ghost Producer’, of course – is a fleet-footed session, condensing the spirit of Crème down into 90 stylish minutes. Featuring a scattering of exclusives from TLR’s friends and associates, it’s an invigorating mix of squirming electro, dog-eared outsider house and souped-up Jack. Pearson Sound, Legowelt, Tessela and Cottam all feature”

Play it loud!

Paul Murphy

Creme Organization Facebook



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