Mix Of The Week //Scottish Selectors//

Words by Paul McCardie

The Scottish Selectors…

I enjoyed writing my previous mix of the week so much for my friends here, I was eager to write again. So here I am ready to serve you up some more meandering thoughts on the music I love but feel somewhat detached from due to my lack of partying and playing out. I still like to grasp at the feeling that I could still cause it with the best of em if given half the chance. Delusions of grandeur…I didn’t get past the bells at Hogmanay.

Anyway this mix of the week has a theme to it: Scotland  (I’ve broke the rules again and I am recommending 4 mixes for you).  Mixes that come (kind of) from the heart of Alba. I would have said Glasgow but one of the protagonists is from Ayrshire so that would be a lie and another is originally from Belfast but badabing, sue me.

Why Scotland? I think we know the answer to that if you are reading this. Basically the amount of top class selectors from, for me, the West of Scotland is phenomenal.  Another sub theme and at the risk of sounding like a right sycophant, is that a few of these selections are from people I consider good friends who I have been privileged to both hear DJ and who have no doubt shaped my musical taste and collection hugely through the years.

Let’s start with the Clash Magazine Podcast mix that came out a few weeks back from Optimo’s very own JG Wilkes.

jonnie_optimo_600Jonnie Wilkes! Put simply, a gem of a man with a sublime taste in music and I know he’s from Belfast but he defines the spirit of Glasgow to me. Great patter and a right friendly face. It’s a fine selection of contemporary and classic material.

Although Jonnie is obviously well known for his and Twitch’s legendary Optimo nights, this mix seems to take me back to my pimple faced days at the Knucklehead nights he ran with Hamish at the Glasgow Art School. An almost nostalgic selection of tunes that has me smiling and harking back to those halcyon days. You’ve got Dance Mania, No UFO’s, Anthony Naples and finished off with some Laurent X, YES!

My second choice is called Happy Soul by another legend in his own right. Wilba! Mr William Sandieson.

(I have to shout out Wilba’s fundraising events that this mix has gone along with, at Max La Cheetah’s in Glasgow for the Nordoff Robbins in Scotland. Keep an eye on future fund raising events and please give to this great cause.) You can still help out here.

Rub A DubWhat can I say about Wilba? I could wax lyrical about the man who, I feel, doesn’t get enough props for shaping the sound (along with Martin McKay) of another legendary Scottish club night (and my all time favourite place to dance), Paisley’s Club 69, for days. But let’s leave that for another time. Also head honcho of Rubadub records, Wilba, unfortunately isn’t in any way prolific on the decks any more (hopefully that is changing). But when he played back when 69 was going full throttle and before he hung up his DJing boots, himself and Martin were as legendary a pair as you could hear in any club (or basement of an Indian restaurant) and for me pushed an electronic sound that Glasgow now spreads worldwide, when there was 20 people in a tiny basement dancing around a Calor gas fire. This rare mix he has put up recently on soundcloud is a belter and has some new and old school nuggets on there. I mean he drops Aaron Carl’s Crucified man, what more do you want? Ye’ve still got it big chief!

Third choice is by someone I’m sure you will not know, but I am proud to say is one of my greatest friends and a top class selector on the 1’s and 2’s.

Keith the Peace or big Keith for those that know him.

Why have I chosen this? Simply because the two of us have talked a lot about the records he has selected for this mix in the past few months and it reminds me of a lost evening in his record room in South East London, playing tunes till the early hours, but worrying that the good relationship that a respected father of two children has with his neighbours might be ruined by cranking up Big Room Tech House DJ Tool – TIP to 11. One Louder ya bas!!!

It’s a brilliant mix that’s lovingly crafted and put together and I love the title. More people should hear it in my opinion. He finishes with a record I absolutely love from Bakey USTL, “Clap your hands if you wanna f…,…. All night long”. Check out his other mixes on his soundcloud page. They are a treat to the ears.

Last but not least and rounding off the Scotia vibe is the Rinse show from Harri and Domenic that went out on 14th December of last year.

harri-domenicAnother one of my all time favourite tracks, UR’s Final Frontier comes in early on this mix, which just makes you wanna listen to more of nuggets that await. And they don’t disappoint.

Domenic drops a track from my good friends Steph and Joc O’Connor from A Deeper Groove (Check their excellent website and their tunes here: http://www.adeepergroove.com) which is a blinder.

It is another corker of a Rinse show and needs to be heard if only for Harri’s spot at around the 1 hour 15 minute mark, where he is clearly having a whale of a time with the mixer and then drops a bit of Murk into the mix, which is always a sure fire winner. I played it loud in my car late at night the other week and was thoroughly seduced, particularly during this 15-20 minute part of the mix, which is spell binding. It’s a great little taster of what Sub Culture is all about and where they still hold it down every week and makes me yearn for a pilgrimage to that hallowed Saturday night.

There we have it! 4 pieces of Scottish goodness for yer headphones that any discerning electronic music lover is bound to appreciate. Go kop em pronto!

P.S. Go check Midlands Resident Advisor mix and Joe’s Fact Mix too.  Not Scottish in any way, but both getting heavy play on the iPod this week. Ach, 6 mix recommendations for the price of reading 1 long winded spiel.

Sorry HSC, but as Irdial Discs once so aptly stated “There are too many fools following too many rules”. And I’m a teacher!

Paul McCardie


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