Mix Of The Week // ΚΕΜΑΛ (Berceuse Heroique)

ΚΕΜΑΛ (Berceuse Heroique)For my mix of the week selection I’ve chosen the ΚΕΜΑΛ (Berceuse Heroique) episode of the brilliant Creme Organization podcast.

Now 5 releases old, the basic idea behind Berceuse Heroique was described in the Juno Plus best labels of 2013:-

There’s been a simple concept to the Berceuse Heroique releases thus far: one track either side of a heavyweight vinyl plate, cut and mastered by a celebrated plant to prime their releases for optimum club play. Decidedly no frills, the one concession to visual artistry are A4 inserts that brandish juxtaposing imagery and quotations with a heavily loaded socio-political context that doesn’t necessarily inform the music as such; instead they offer a thought provoking commentary on the environment in which we consume this music.’

ΚΕΜΑΛ also apparently enjoys carrot cake and some pretty funny tweets.

3/5 for the new STL and 4/5 for the new Pampa release? STL OR SHUT THE FUCK UP U FUCKIN TOOL !!!!!!!!!!!’

“I recorded this Vinyl Only mix with two decks and a mixer,wearing a t-shirt that said Save Vinyl while i was destroying two cdjs”’

One of the tags for the mix is ‘jamie oliver killed my pet rabbit’.




Words by Frankie Brown


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