Mix Of The Week // Suzanne Kraft //

Words By Andy McColgan (Racket Racket)

This has been a tricky but enjoyable task – trying to decide on one favourite mix of the last wee while, for my good friends Vicky and Davie for their brilliant homegrown music blog and party collective – the Hometown Social Club.

Suzanne KraftI listen to mixes every day, from right across the musical board and from a variety of first class online musical destinations. Current favourites on that front would include the likes of Test Pressing, Noncollective, Noise In My Head, Trushmix, Seek Magic, The Growing Bin and some new thing called… SoundCloud? I also compile and curate my own series of mixes for the online magazine I run from Glasgow – Racket Racket. But enough about me. ;^)

For this I thought I’d go for one that has had at least a daily airing for the last week or so round my way and one with a distinct and definite party angle. It’s been put together by LA based DJ and producer, Diego Herrera AKA Suzanne Kraft and was recorded live at the Daydreams party in Melbourne. Daydreams is, as far as I’m aware, a fortnightly Sunday daytime party in the Australian city with a musical policy that’s right up my street – basically, anything goes and if it’s good it’s good. The mix is long, at almost three hours, so probably best for sticking on at work – if you’re afforded that luxury in the workplace – or for pre-night out drinks with your nearest and dearests.

The mix itself, while not always technically impeccable, features so many great tunes it’s a bit ridiculous; and jumps about from genre to genre in an energetic, surprising and esoteric fashion. From the uber sexy, deep early 90s house groover of Sorchi Terada’s Do It Again to the Steely Dan meets JJ Cale meets Can on magic mushroom vibes of Kante Dadum by recent Golf Channel Recording’s re-issue artist, Spike… And from the proto-tribal-electro meets agit-prop, Afro-pop of Robert Wyatt and the SWAPO Singer’s Namibia to the idiosyncratic funk-driven electronic sounds of Cajmere’s Luv. There’s also newer material from Soft Rocks, Young Marco, Maxmillion Dunbar and Tevo Howard in amongst it, plus some top new tracks from SK himself…

Basically it’s a thoroughly enjoyable dance trip packed full of the type of jams that lend themselves perfectly to a day partying in the Australian sunshine, well I would imagine so anyway… And moreover the mix is F.U.N.

Suzanne Kraft’s Missum EP is out March 24th on Running Back Records and it’s a mellow belter (melter?)…  Check out other mixes and some of his own brilliant productions on his SoundCloud page which you can get tore into, here:


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