Mix Of The Week // Dribbler

When I was asked to pick this week’s ”mix of the week” it was only natural that it had to be this beauty from DJ Dribbler, recorded live @ Solid Gold Safari.

russConsidering it was last minute stuff as he was filling in for Esa, I am sure you will agree that he done a cracking job.  Here are a few words from the man himself:
After 4 months of intense planning and stress the party on Eigg was cancelled 6 days before the event.  Me and George Matheson trawled up and down the country looking for venues before we got ******* with 4 days to go …… my main concern was Amy’s hen party which was to be a hen on Eigg was ruined so me and George were adamant this was happening somewhere, we just didnt know where …. this set was 4 hours long as I covered for Esa who was stuck in London and I’ll never forget the feelings I went thru during the set.

Words by Lee Dundas


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