Mix Of The Week // Efdemin

Perhaps I should set the scene a little here. My 9 -5 ain’t that exciting. I work in the IT department of a call centre that specialises in selling insurance. Yep, pretty dull. So the daily solace provided by my I Pod is a life line and makes my time at work almost bearable. I often take five minutes out from the mundanity of editing .xml files to observe the comings and goings of my colleagues with some very loud Techno/House/Reggae/Jungle/Electro (delete where appropriate) blasting in my lugs. It’s a peculiar experience and for some reason it often conjures up the image of capitalism holding a shotgun to it’s feet and blowing it’s big toe off …

efdemin_podcastEfdemin’s XLR8R podcast has been providing the soundtrack to my working life over the past few days and what a soundtrack. The write up on the XLR8R website suggests that this mix is “deep”. I must confess that I don’t really know what that means when it comes to music. Swimming pools, yes, music no. When it first came onto my radar sometime in the mid 90’s when it often pre-fixed the word “house” I came to the conclusion that it simply meant “not sh*t, or good). So in that sense I fully concur with XLR8R’s conclusion, in fact I’d go a bit further and say it’s Very Deep.

Note to listeners … if you don’t work in the IT department of a call centre that specialises in selling insurance but you want to recreate my listening experience then give your living room a quick coat of magnolia, pour yourself a cup of lukewarm instant coffee, make sure you’ve got a good view of your freshly painted walls and blast some Efdemin into your lugs.


Words By Davie Kelly


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