Mix Of The Week //Rising Sun//

kris1Rising Sun

Aka Steffen Laschinski label owner, producer and artist has managed to catch my attention through his recent Inverted Audio mix and interview.  I became aware of Rising Sun back in 2011 when I heard the “Lift Up Your Faces” EP. It’s was quite magical, the tune keeps giving and I play it a lot still to this day. In his interview with IA he talks about some influences behind the track and I’m adding it in here also so you if you don’t own it – go get it!

He talks record shopping at Hard Wax after the Berlin wall came down and his love for Detroit producers at that time.  Basic Channel also get a few mentions and the way Detroit and West Berlins Reggae and Dub culture came together on so many tracks using Maurizio ‘Domina’ as an example.  One thing I know about music is that if it’s a mixture from Detroit and Berlin it’s always gonna hit the spot!  One of my many reasons for choosing this mix.

This guy is just a dude!  Multiple record label curator including Millions Of Moments Records and Styrax Records.  Labels that have put out some of my favourite tunes to date. Also, please check out his very own label Kristofferson Kristofferson.

Kristofferson Kristofferson only release records from Rising Sun and I quite enjoyed finding out about the way they don’t cut out too many mistakes and keep most productions ‘as is’. Rumour is he also puts material out on 7″ vinyl which I  really like (especially in the vinyl renaissance that’s going on at the present moment).

This mix is a wee beauty.  With delights from Red Planet & Drexciya, Levon Vincent and Black Jazz Consortium, It’s also a sharp reminder for me to pay attention.  I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on further releases and mixes from Rising Sun.  Enjoy!




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