Mix Of The Week // Posthuman & Lexis (MIMS) //

Posthuman – Part 1 & 2

I Love Acid party makers and cousins Rich Bevan and Joshua Doherty aka Posthuman have laid down an absolute belter.  Celebrating 30 years of Acid  and with a little help from the I Love Acid residents Mark Archer and Placid they decided to pick one track a year since 1984 ( the year Roland stopped making the 303 ).  The tracklisti is healthy and they done this mix to coincide with their last I Love Acid club night at Corsica Studios, London back on the 12th April.

Thank you Posthuman.



There are 4 parts to the Solid Steel Radio Show and this next dude is the reason I chose these mixes to share with you guys.

Parts 3 & 4 – Lexis

S0195099-4_2_bioOne of my absolute favourtie DJ’s – Lexis from the Music Is My Sanctuary family.  This guy never fails to impress me with his musical selections and i’m always on the hunt for his next mix – You can imagine how delighted I was when I found this.  I am currently (as I type) listening to his latest Music Is My Sanctuary Mix ‘It Happens Every Spring’– check it out, the mans taste in tunes is incredible. Bringing it back to parts 3&4 of Ninja Tunes Solid Steel Radio Show, Lexis laid down this mix to coincide with Luke Vibert playing at the last I love Acid party.

In Lexis’s own words (from Ninja Tunes soundcloud page)

“Doing a tribute mix to Luke Vibert and his multiple production pseudonyms is not a challenge I took lightly. His versatility is what drew me into electronic music in my youth and he has in my opinion one the most diverse bodies of work in recent electronic music history, through Moody Abstract Hip-Hop, Acid House, Disco, Drum & Bass and House. I wanted to do this mix because a lot of people might know Luke Vibert from one of his multiple persona’s without connecting the dots with the other projects. Big respect to Luke Vibert and all his split personalities.”

Luke Vibert Retrospective – Have a look a the tracklist and no more words are needed.

Thank you Lexis for the music also thank you to Ninja Tune and to Solid Steel Radio Show.







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