Mix Of The Week // ΚΕΜΑΛ (Berceuse Heroique) //

ΚΕΜΑΛ (Berceuse Heroique)Words by Paul McCardie.

My third choice for mix of the week for the HSC homies is from mysterious label  Berceuse Heroique (well kinda). This label is getting a lot of deserved attention at the moment from those who know. If you look at their discography you’ll know why.

I first came across this label when my mate Keith played me a 12 inch of a DJ Sotofett remix of an artist called Ekman. Real down tempo electronica, with a weird keyboard lick over the top that only Sotofett could get away with.

They’ve released impeccable music in the past year or so by artists as good as Gesloten Cirkel, Tuff Sherm and MGun. Say no more. Some of my favourite recent music has been made by these three artists and if a label has released their music, well they deserve attention.

This mix is by ΚΕΜΑΛ, the sublabel of Berceuse Heroique. They focus on reissuing music so far that includes Greek folk music from ANAΣΤΕΝΑΡΙΑ (bonus points for any Greek speakers who can pronounce that one for me please), to excellent, experimental early 90’s gear from drummer Charles Hayward.

This mix was put together for the Reverie show on NTS radio and it is a real journey of top of the pile electronica. It has the heading “Our mission is to scare the NTS intern”. I reckon they might have done that quite easily. For me it is a great choice of tunes that work for the hour and a quarter that it is on. All sorts of electronica going on here and it does the late night listening job throughout. Drone style ambience, to electro and dubby techno, they obviously know what they are doing and put it all together exquisitely.

Just what you’d expect from a label/s that has so far released music that is both on the edge and right on the money as well.

A real after hours affair. Headphones on, glass of the old bit malt with ice, sip away and close the eyes. The occasional eye open to just check there ain’t no aliens in the room, because ΚΕΜΑΛ  have freaked you oot just a smidgen there for a minute and close them again and wig right out.



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