Mix Of The Week // Scuba //

imagesThis one’s been hanging around the internet for a while now but it’s only appeared on my radar in the last couple of weeks. It was recorded to coincide with Scuba’s Phenix 1 E.P which was released in April. The podcast features all four tracks from the e.p as well tracks from artists like Dense & Pika, Paul Woolford and The Moritz Van Oswald trio. There’s plenty of material to fill any dance floor but the beauty of this mix lies in the fact that Scuba is clearly aware that listeners are more likely to be sat at home, or on the bus when tuning in. And it’s all the better for it, especially when he breaks things down into an almost beatless vocal track in the middle of the mix before building things back up until he repeats a similar trick at the end. This is most definitely a late night listening piece and more than worthy of 70 minutes of your precious time.


Davie Kelly




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