Mix Of The Week // Ralph Lawson //

ralphThe first ever dude to play a record at B2B.

If you don’t know then you should really…  One of the most hardworking DJ’s around.

Fresh from a 6am set at Sonar Lab last weekend and now celebrating 20 years of 2020 vision recordings, Ralph believes it’s time to stand up and be counted – If you have ever been touched by at 2020 record he wants to know about it.

Help out by getting involved and letting him know your favourites.

I would pick this one out along with my mix of the week… #REP2020

btiinThere is another reason I have chosen this mix though,  I was handed a gift on Wednesday (purchased from a charity shop) and what a beauty of a find – Ralph Lawson / Andrew Weatherall / Derrik Carter in such a cool wee punky B2B tin –  I love it so much it’s going to live beside my PIL tin . Now my two favourite bits of metal – Beautiful story!

Anyhoo…This morning to my delight woke up a to a mix from Ralph Lawson celebrating at the 2020 vision day party in London.  No brainer.


Check his funky website









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