Mix Of The Week // Matrixxman //

matrixxman_podcastMix Of The Week time again folk’s. This time around I’ve opted for something a little different to the kind of mixes I’ve chosen previously.  I’ve gone for a really funky and varied mix which spans a few different decades and styles of music.  The mix is by San Francisco producer Matrixxman, who I’ve been following quite closely since picking up a few of his records earlier this year.


I really like this mix because of the depth of different tunes it features and the way it progresses from poppy sounds into more rhythmic stuff and then into sweaty dance floor territory . From Liquid Liquid (with the tune that Glasgow’s Optimo took their name from) to Throbbing Gristle, to the super awesome Joey Anderson, to Robert Hood, to Hieroglyphic Being, to Kassem Mosse, the mix features a whole host of amazing music. Listen out for Popcorn, an adventurous choice that you’ll need to make your own mind up on!


Paul Murphy


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