Mix Of The Week // Greg Beato //

                                                           Is anyone out there making music as awesome and gnarly as Greg Beato? His releases on Apron, LIES and Russian Torrent Versions are utterly badass. FunkineGreg Beato mix of the weekven said on Berlin Community Radio’s Welcome to the Room that he discovered Greg Beato on Soundcloud (‘’yo, you’re music is amazing, do you fancy releasing on Apron’’) which is a nice story and different from what you often here from label owners when they’re being interviewed (‘’don’t send me shit on Soundcloud!’’).

Before releasing his second record, LIES called it ‘Further proof it’s game over for weak watered down dance music.’

His mix for Juno Plus ahead of a European Tour (fingers crossed he makes his way to Glasgow) contains a bunch of coll music I have never heard before.



Frankie Brown



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