Mix Of The Week // Nuclear Family //

The_Nuclear_FamilyAnother Mix of the Week choice is upon me.  Honourable mention going straight off to the dons that are Numbers and their Rinse show this week with one of the men of the moment, with equally donnish qualities, MGun, alongside one of his label bosses, Semtek of Don’t be Afraid Records.


I am only just listening to this for the first time tonight but straight in and they are playing L.B. Bad and mixing in one of my favourite Walt J tunes in the first 5 minutes. I’m hooked!


But my choices this month have (and I say this with no apology whatsoever) a usual theme to it…I don’t know what it is but I keep going back to Glasgow for my selections. Well I do know why it is…simply some of the best selectors of music around, anywhere, period, are from the town (as a lot of us know it). Fact!


Two DJ’s for me this month…Laurence Hughes and Tom Churchill of brilliant new label The Nuclear Family. These two amazing mixes on soundcloud have been all over my headphones these past few weeks. Their musical selections and mixing are second to none and I haven’t heard better mixes recently in my view. Their label The Nuclear Family (https://www.facebook.com/nuclearfamilymusic) is one I am looking forward to delving into now that the summer hols have arrived and I might be able to treat myself to some much needed vinyl. Quality electronic House music! Go check.


Laurence Hughes’ recent SuperBase Reaches Up And Gets Activated from April is a belter.


I have thoroughly enjoyed all the mixes on his soundcloud page. However, this recent one is a real treat. Seriously, the man’s on fire in this mix. Spirit Of The Black 808’s Two, Moodyman’s No, Scott Sellars, Lets Dance Shall We (Eh aye awright then!). Nugget after nugget in this selection. MK’s remix of Use Me (one of my favourite house tunes right there!), into Schatrax.


An old Glasgow favourite is Schatrax. I’m gonna digress here but I’ve gotta say while I have the chance. Grown men have wept in the mid nineties to their sublime Mispent Years tune on the incredible Schatrax 2 record. Later released with name (as I only knew it back then as THE tune on the first Schatrax red record) on Soma. An untouchable tune and totally timeless. God bless those Isle of Wight gents.

Anyway Laurence’s mix here is a beast. Superb from start to finish.


His label partner, Tom Churchill’s Nuclear Family mix in June for phuturelabs is another stand out for me and I keep going back to it.


Some unreleased joints from Tom himself and the afore mentioned Nuclear Family label, sit more than comfortably alongside recent classics like Vakula’s Exp Techno (from his Firecracker album), the ever brilliant Move D, with his The Incorrigible Heartthrob on Rush Hour and another man of the moment Leon Vynehall’s immense Inside The Deku Tree. He also throws in a bit of beautiful nostalgia with Balil’s Nort Route (did anything that wasn’t spine tinglingly emotional and sublime come from Black Dog Productions of that era? Nope is the answer) and a helping of Glenn Underground, with his May Detroit, from a forgotten classic album, Atmosfear on Peacfrog. Another feast for the ears and I cannot rate it higher.  All killer, no filler as thet say.


2 mixes that have had repeated plays on the ipod and in the car and I think will be on repeat for a very long time. Thank you gentlemen!


Also, check Tom’s superb Nothin’ But magic blog.


His choice of tunes on it are right up my street and one’s I have held in high esteem in my collection for many a year.  It has also put me onto some amazing music that I have never heard past and present. A real essential piece of writing on quality music on the web right there (if you love your techno and house proper and with no bull(in a Clay Davis style)shiiiiiiiiiiieeeeet).

Paul McCardie


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