Mix Of The Week // GK Machine //

gkmachineWe’re very exciting. We’re playing Doune The Rabbit Hole Festival on 24th August and we can’t wait. It’s our first ever festival (hopefully the first of many) and we can’t think of a better festival to pop our cherry at. We’ve been the last two years and can honestly say it’s been one of the highlights of our summer so to have the privilege of playing record for the lovely party people is a real thrill. So with that in mind we’re dedicating this weeks Mix Of The Week to one of our fellow Doune The Rabbit Holers.

GK Machine.

We didn’t catch GK Machine at last years festival but we certainly won’t be missing him this year after listening to this mix. We’ll two I suppose as the mix comes in two parts. It was recording using vinyl digitized and transferred into Ableton Live with additional Juno 60, Casio CZ 5000, Roland R8 and additional Bass Guitar by Paul Doucet. The track list is just how we like it and features a diverse range of artists including Gina X, Matias Aguayo, The Wooden Tops, The Boomtown Rats and many more.

Highly recommended.

Oh aye, and see you at Doune The Rabbit Hole





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