Mix Of The Week // Appleblim //

appleblim_podcastWhen I got to work today my I Pod had been updated with the latest XLR8R Podcast. Turns out Appleblim was at the controls. I’ve been a fan since the early Skull Disco days and it was a real treat listening this today. It’s a real journey of a mix encompassing House, Techno, Garage, Jungle and plenty of genre defying bass music. You should listen to it. You’ll enjoy it.

Appleblims XLR8R Podcast

The best thing, however, about Appleblim’s XLR8R podcast was that it reminded me of his NYC Crate Digging Mix that he drop in June. The story has it that he was playing in New York and was introduced to a second hand record/thrift store called The Thing. “Upstairs is all house-clearance weirdness, nick-nacks, ornaments, books, all kinds of stuff, and at the back of the store and throughout their large cramped cluttered basement are just shelf after shelf and crate after crate of records! All $2 each, piled up high. This is a mix of all the things I dug there. It’s the result of a good 6 or 7 hours digging over 3 days.”




Davie Kelly





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