Mix Of The Week // Peter Van Hoesen //


Sometimes a mix falls right into your lap just in time for Mix Of The Week.   Jah!

When it comes down to combining the best of Abstract Electronica and Techno, Peter Van Hoesen is your man!  Deeply rooted in the Brussels electronic music scene since 1993 as DJ and producer and currently now living beside all the the other Techno stalwarts in Berlin running both Foton Records and Time To Express, Peter is also a composer for contemporary dance and theatre and recorded this mix for Inverted Audio. Check out his interview on that page also…

So, when Deabeat, Paul St. Hilaire and Terrence Dixon are on his tracklist it’s hard for me to pass it by.

1. Terrence Dixon as Population One: A Cosmic Display of Beauty
2. Ike Yard: Loss – Regis Version
3. Specter: Body Blow
4. Hironori Takahashi: Selia
5. Mike Parker: Ice Fissure
6. Atom & Material Object: Refraction 1
7. Szare: Document
8. Jack Murphy: Track 1
9. Cassegrain: Tiamat – Ed Davenport Inland Rmx
10. Peter Van Hoesen: Objects from the Past – Neel Remix
11. Lewis Fautzi: Binary – Oscar Mulero Remix
12. Roman Poncet: AAD
13. Rolando: Juju
14. Deabeat & Paul St. Hilaire: Hold on Strong
15. Peter Van Hoesen. Vital Signs
16. Peter Van Hoesen: Second Law

Enjoy x



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