Hometown Social Club // DABJ Radio Mix //

DABJ Radio ShowI’ve known the DABJ boys for a while now. Back then they were the Monox crew. Still are really. It’s all part of the same raw, energetic dancefloor wrecking continuum. You know there is a party to be had if DABJ are in town. We had the pleasure of having them play for us at our 1st Birthday party and let me assure you Bathgate had never experienced anything like it before and it’ll live long in the memory all who attended.

Watching the rise and rise of DABJ records has been quite thrilling for me. Kenny and Dan have been doing their thing for longer than most of us care to remember and they have been mainstays of the scene in Glasgow for, well, a long time, so to see them get recognition outwith Glasgow is really exciting and nothing more than they deserve. Make no mistake about though their reputation as a forward thinking and innovative label is no accident and is a result of some seriously top notch talent spotting. They know a dancefloor smash when they hear it and it’s this no nonsense approach to the AR process that sets them apart. There are not many labels these days that are buy on sight. DABJ is. The Reggie logo is a guarantee of quality that you can fully rely on.

Getting a chance to record a mix for their radio show was a bit special for me. Our friendships were developed over the Radio Magnetic airwaves many years ago. Their attendance was a wee bit erratic at times, especially if Monox was on the night before, and sometimes myself & Paul would take over their show for them if they couldn’t make it. We always liked those nights because it gave us the chance to play some of our favourite house & techno records. What’s not to like? So yeah, doing a mix for the DABJ radio was a bit like completing the circle.

Initially my plan was to showcase the sound of Hometown Social Club but that’s a very difficult thing to capture on a short radio mix. There are so many creative minds feeding into the Hometown Social Club experience that it is most definitely greater than the sum of it’s parts. So in the end I just played some tunes that I really like. Hopefully this can be a catalyst for us to get more mixes out there from the rest of the HSC collective so you guys can get a flavour of what’s going down at Hometown Social Club 🙂

Enjoy the mix and feedback is always welcome.





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