Mix Of The Week // Jon K //

artworks-000037719234-00p0wp-t200x200Mix of the Week time again folks.  My choice this week deviates slightly from our usual formula as I’ve chosen a mix that was first published online around a year and a half ago. Hopefully everyone else who missed it first time round (as I did) can get the chance to listen to an absolute stonker of a mix that really encapsulates that “musical journey” approach that so many mixes/DJ sets aspire to but can be so difficult to execute.

The mix is by Jon K, a Manchester based DJ who was “the go to guy at the sorely missed Fat City record shop”. I heard of Jon for the first time a few days ago when this mix popped up on my Facebook news feed. Intrigued by the comments I was reading from some very clued up people as to how great the mix was I knew I had to check it out, and I’m glad I did! It’s a bona fide journey through some outstanding (and at times really obscure) music, mixed together by someone who is obviously very passionate about record collecting. Artists as diverse as Barrington Levy, Regis and Dizzy K rub shoulders with some really weird and wonderful records, with some Muddy Waters and The Clash blended in for good measure. Plus any mix featuring Blake Baxter’s “A Thought Becomes You” and Armando’s “Morse Code” was always going to be a winner in my book. The mix also features a tune from Count Bass D, who recently collaborated with Scotland’s premier hip hop beatsmiths – Jazz Spastiks – on their latest album “The Product”, which if you haven’t heard already you should definitely check out.

From the article accompanying the mix – “in 2010, he claimed that it’s “genuinely hard to remember a time when the art of DJing was as simple as … collect records, build a collection, exhibit that collection in front of an audience.” This is what Jon K’s FACT mix does, and it flows in such a way that we haven’t stopped listening yet.




Paul Murphy


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