Mix Of The Week // Call Super //

ra435-call-super-coverI thought I had it all sorted out. Mix of the week was a no brainer as soon as I heard Ralph Lawson’s 20 years of Subculture mix last night. That was it. Done deal, it’s got your Schatrax on there, Kenlou, Russ Gabriel, Rhythim is Rhythim. Full of classics. No hesitation. It’s getting shared. All I had to do when I got home from work was write a few words, find a suitable picture and post it online.

Then I listened to Call Super on my iPod at work today. This completely changed my mind. I have to be honest and admit that I have no idea who Call Super is or anything about him other than what is posted on Resident Advisor. But I’m intrigued and I intend to find out more. Especially after reading the track list.

The mix is sublime. Familiar and alien at the same time. And it’s got The Connection Machine on it. You really should listen to it.

Davie Kelly


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