Mix Of The Week // Serial Experiments Layer #24 – Faces //

I found this mix while browsing a collective from Lithuania that goes by the name of ‘Why People Dance‘.  These guys remind me a lot of Hometown Social Club – Putting on small nights playing house and techno but most importantly – the bits in between! Check them out.

WHy people dance

This Mix is from earlier this year however I want to share it because It’s a beaut. ( More recent mixes here ) I  don’t know much about Serial Experiments but I have just found out that they have joined the Why People Dance collective so it was defo worth a peek.

At first I thought the artsit/dj behind this mix was either 1. Dudes from Why People Dance or 2. Someone called Faces…

Both wrong.   So I have quite the mysterious mix of the week for our ears.


What exactly is Serial Experiments?
(words taken from website)

Ambiguous sounds and images accompanied by unidentified wavelengths from out there.

In other words, masses of sounds breaking the bounds of techno and house music genres, occasionally followed along by some breaks and other experimental pieces and obscurities. Genre or popularity doesn’t matter here – vision and creativity does.

Every layer of Serial Experiments is divergent, concerns different themes and contains different music.









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