Hometown Social Club on Regal Radio Feat. DJ Dribbler 4/5/15

10646773_549245635208694_4463234937705525532_n Episode 5 of our ongoing radio series was a bit different    from previous episodes, as well as being available On Demand @ http://www.radiomagnetic.com, it was also broadcast on Regal Radio, a community radio station broadcasting from The Regal Theatre in Bathgate.

It’s a very exciting development in the ongoing story of Hometown Social Club. We’re absolutely delighted to get the chance to broadcast on Regal Radio and look forward to bringing the spirit of Acid House to the listeners. I think we may have confused some people who tuned in expecting to hear Adonis & Dj Pierre records for 2 hrs because that’s not our intention, although I’m sure there will be plenty of Adonis & DJ Pierre records on Hometown Social Club.  We’re trying to bring a wee bit of the early pioneering spirit of Acid House in the UK to Regal Radio. The Acid House sound emanating from Chicago was initially adopted in the U.K by the Soul Boys and the Reggae sound systems. It had a real Punk Rock D.I.Y ethos about it and a heavy Balearic influence imported from Ibiza so the result was a real melting pot of musical, stylistic and cultural influences at the early Acid House parties. So be prepared to hear, not just Acid House but house in all of it’s many guises, a bit of Soul, some Reggae, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Jungle, Techno. Basically anything goes, as long as it makes us move and our ears approve. (disclaimer, we also reserve the right to play music that doesn’t make you move so long as our ears approve).

Our first show for Regal Radio was a bit of a ramshackle affair. Broken mics, dodgy mixers and failing computers lent it a real D.I.Y feel. In the end, we recorded the show round our kitchen table, using the crappiest mic imaginable on a laptop with no keyboard !!!! But we had so much fun. And can’t wait for the next. We’ve got loads of great stuff in the pipeline but we’re keeping that to ourselves for now 🙂

On With Show …..

Classic Track

Featured Label – Dub Combe Records Edinburgh/Rome




Resident Mix

The Revenge – Another Light feat. Jesse Rennix

Alex Smoke – Stauner

L/F/D/M – Tracer

Jared Wilson – Unknown Desires

Methodology – Da Soul Track

Burnt Island Casuals – Grouse House

Linkwood – Object

Lord of The Isles – Galicia

The Nuclear Family – Blind Spot

Mental Overdrive – Ritual (JD Twitch Remix)

Mash & Mia Dora – Feathers

CompterScheisee – Hot’s Hot

Interview and Guest Mix


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