Hometown Social Club Radio // Jamie Thomson // Nmbrs // Frankie Brown //

We’re just back from a week in Holland and it looks like our show wasn’t broadcast on Regal Radio as planned but that’s not going to stop us sharing our goodies with you.

This months classic track was Raze – Break 4 Love

We played Fiona Soe Paing’s new record, Heartbeats.

And a track from the latest Cold City Cuts release.

This months featured label was Nmbrs



Frankie Brown handled the residents mix (please excuse the wonky bits towards the end of the mix …. it appears the machines were having a bit fun. We were going to take them out but we quite like them 🙂 )

And Jamie Thomson turned in an exquisite guest mix.  Jamie has decided to hang up the headphones for a bit to focus on other commitments.  We wish him the best of luck and hope to catch him on a dancefloor soon, somewhere!  In the mean time he leaves us with this belter.   Thanks Jamie


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