Sirrahttam Guest Mix

jrssssAnother guest mix. This time from someone you might just be starting to get a bit more familiar with.  London based Scot, Sirrahttam (aka Matt Harris).
We first became aware of Sirrahtam through another friends label Cold City Cuts – For those who remember we got the founder David Fleming (DJ Cold City Cuts) into the studio to find out more about his label.   Sirrattham released his ‘Grind It’ Ep on Cold City Cuts in July of this year.
On the 4th Dec ’15 we saw the first release on Jelly Roll Soul (JRS001) with Sirrahttam’s Tanz EP.
When asked about the process behind his music in a recent interview with UKB Sirrahttam said “When I first started experimenting I had no way to sample so I was using sounds that were in my Roland Groovebox.  I got myself a Korg ESX a couple of years back which allowed me to add my own samples and that really helped me be much more creative” (Source – UrbanKulturBlog)
Sirratham also provided a cracking guest mix for our radio show back in August.  You can download it here.
In this latest mix from Matt you will hear some new Sirrahttam material alongside tracks from the likes of Anthony Naples, Drexciya and Omar Souleyman – yet another cracking guest mix at Hometown Social Club!
Sirrahttam - Insignificant 
Rework - Girl or a Boy 
Anthony Naples - Changes 
Francis Bebey - The Coffee Cola Song [Young Marco remix] 
Minour Science - Closing Acts 
Shed - With Bag and Baggage 
Drexciya - Sighting In The Abyss 
STL - Heaven's Vape 
Omar Souleyman – Heli Yuweli [Rezzett Remix] 
Sirrahttam - Actually it is over 
Omar Souleyman – Heli Yuweli [Rezzett Rerezz] 
Titan & Red Acid Jack - Right in Time [Ian Pooley remix]

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