Hometown Social Club Radio // Jason Brunton



Time flies ….. it’s been a quick month and it’s nearly time for our next show so we thought we’d best get this mix shared.

Jason Brunton finally delivered the guest mix he had promised us and it was well worth the wait. We knew our patience would be rewarded and besides, he did have the small matter of arousing the sleeping giant that is Iridite Recordings from it’s 8 year slumber, so it wasn’t as if he was sitting about twiddling his thumbs.

Jason also recorded a mix for Down The Stairs  as well as this – Check it out here

Jason’s Incomplete Tracklist…
If you are reading this Jason feel free to fill in the blanks

1 – John Swing – ???

2 – can’t remember

3 – Something by Erik Van De Broek

4 – Some Luke Soloman thing

5 – The Adventures Of Daniel Lite

6 – Rick Wade

7 – Some mad Pal JOey thing, last track on the B Side

8 – that thing i was talking about on that french label Rhetoric – think they only had one release

9 Black Boxx – EP 2 Ferrispark (unknown artist)

10 – Roger Sanchez and Armand Van Helden thing on Strictly

11 – Eddie Fowlkes – Get The Funk (City Boy 0016)

12 – KA Posse – Dog Dance

13 – Terrance Parker – The Emancipation Of My Soul




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