We are very excited to bring you the first episode of the Hometown Social Club podcast series on Radio Magnetic.

We are a lose collective of DJ’s, artists, party starters and like-minded souls from Underground West Lothian who like getting together and having parties.

Episode one comes from Paul Murphy. Paul joined the collective in March 2013 after playing his first gig for us at The Attic in Bathgate. He completely blew our socks off that night and it was obvious that he would become an integral part of the collective.

Paul has very eclectic tastes. He fits in well with the HSC vibe. He plays a broad selection of house/techno sounds and your never far from a 303 squelch when your listening to Paul DJing. That can never be a bad thing ….

Stream episode 2 of the Hometown Social Club Podcast featuring a mix from Lee Dundas.

Lee is the most recent recruit to the HSC Collective and has been DJing for less than a year. His enthusiasm for the party is truly infectious. Almost immediately upon meeting him we knew we had to find a way to get him involved. Turns out his enthusiasm for the party is matched with his enthusiasm for DJing.

We thought we might never get the chance to share this mix due to some last minute hitches but we’re good to go now.

HSC are keeping it in the family for Episode 3 of the Hometown Social Club podcast with a mix from Ross Murphy.

Introduced to the collective by his brother Paul, he instantly fitted in. His commitment and passion for the music is a constant source of energy for the whole collective. Always bringing a local twist to the classic Chicago House sound.

The Hometown Social Club Podcast continues with a mix from, well, it’s me, innit.

I’m normally responsible for warm up duties at Hometown Social Club. I like it that way. I don’t really handle the pressure of filling the dancefloor very well now and doing the warm up lets me play a wider selection of music.  Then I can get on with enjoying the rest of night. (Davie Kelly)

Episode 5 of the Hometown Social Club Podcast comes from the beating heart of the collective. Craftyzion. It’s fair to say that Craftyzion is the glue that holds the whole thing together. Less a DJ more a knowledgeable music enthusiast who loves sharing her passion with others. This mix features a tip of the hat to Spaceape and George Symington.

The 6th and final Episode of the Hometown Social Club Podcast series features a mix from Frankie Brown. Frankie became involved with Hometown Social Club after we heard some ruff and ready mixes he’d recorded on a makeshift set up in his bedroom. It was impossible to ignore the quality of his selections.

He made is debut for us on at our first birthday party. We had the all conquering Dixon Avenue Basement Jams as headliners and his warm up set was close to perfection that night.

If Techno is your bag then this mix is essential.



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